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The public is credited with helping Cape Breton fishermen through Coronavirus impacted lobster season

Herb Nash, president of the 4Vn management board, said catches were decent this year and those prices made the crustaceans a meal for everybody instead of simply a rare treat. “Instead of lobsters $7-$7.50 lb at the end, lobsters were $5 pound, so people were buying them,” the 55-year-old fisher said. “The local markets helped a lot this year.” This year, people could purchase lobster for $45-$50 a dozen compared to $70-$75. “If the local market wasn’t as good as it was, more lobster would have had to be shipped out to sell and I think we would have been swamped with lobsters.” Nash said with the pandemic affecting the community and businesses, they were grateful to get through it and get a paycheck.,, ”While this season was a historically difficult one, Nash can recall the 1970s when the lobster catches were bad back then — sometimes 15-25 pounds per day. >click to read< 18:13

British Columbia Fishermen catch a barracuda far from its home in California

A commercial fisherman knew he was staring at a fish out of place when a barracuda landed in his net on Vancouver Island, far from its typical habitat in southern California. Tyler Vogrig, 24, said he’d seen the long, silvery body of the muscular fish with giant teeth before, but in Hawaii. Vogrig said he and his father Brian were catching sockeye at Alberni Inlet as part of their stock-assessment work for Fisheries and Oceans Canada when they hauled in the barracuda.“ We couldn’t believe it,”,,, The fish are normally found in Baja California in Mexico, bordering the state of California, but have also recently been seen as far north as Washington state neighbouring B.C. >click to read< 16:37

Harvesters remain resilient in facing economic challenges of Coronavirus

No one reading this needs to be reminded that we are in uncharted waters as thousands of Alaska fishermen set out to sea for the salmon season. As a fisherman with two young boys, I felt a deep sense of both privilege and responsibility as I set my nets in the glacier-fed waters of Taku Inlet in late June. Most fishing seasons the biggest questions are: Will the salmon come early or late? Will they be swimming deep or along the shoreline? This summer the questions are: Will Alaska’s independent fishermen financially survive the coronavirus? Will there be buyers willing to pay a decent price for their catch? Will fishermen get access to the personal protective equipment and testing that they need to avoid the spread of coronavirus? Will the long-fought Pebble mine be permitted while Bristol Bay’s fishing fleet is out risking their lives? By Tyson Fick  >click to read< 14:47

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week: 63′ Steel Clammer, twin 3406 Cats, Isuzu 30 KW Generator

To review specifications, information and 20 photos, >click here< , in 2018/2019 major projects were completed by the owners, are listed. To see all the boats in this series, >click here< 11:53

8 more wild salmon restoration projects to receive funding in B.C.

Fisheries Minister Bernadette Jordan addressed the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade on Tuesday, saying climate change and increasing demand for seafood products has put unprecedented pressure on Pacific wild salmon. The latest projects will receive about $10.5 million from the joint federal and provincial fund established in 2018 to help the recovery of stocks in steep decline.,,, “Speaking to British Columbians, I want to assure you that our government is moving ahead with the transition from open-net pens,” she said, adding Ottawa will develop a comprehensive process to ensure all voices are heard in the decision-making process. >click to read< 10:24

Ghost gear project first of its kind in Nova Scotia – New Brunswick fishermen consider ways to recycle end-of-life lobster traps

‘Tackling Ghost Gear: Collaborative Remediation of Abandoned, Lost, and Discarded Fishing Gear (ALDFG) in Southwest Nova Scotia’ is a $432,000 project being funded through the federal government’s Sustainable Fisheries Solutions and Retrieval Support Contribution Program (SFSRSCP). The project is scheduled to run from July 2020 to March 2022.,, >click to read< 08:43

N.B. Association Looks To Recycle Lobster Traps – A New Brunswick fishermen’s association is trying to come up with ways to recycle end-of-life lobster traps. The Fundy North Fishermen’s Association has received funding through the federal government’s Ghost Gear Fund. Executive director Lillian Mitchell said there are several ways to recycle fishing lines and rope, but there is no responsible way to dispose of lobster traps.  >click to read<