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Ilwaco: Commercial tuna season starts strong

The commercial albacore tuna season kicked off over the weekend with fisherman delivering their first catch of the 2020 season to local processors. Favorable weather and sea conditions culminated in a successful start, fishermen reported. “The last couple days were excellent,” said commercial fishermen Christian Johnson of the F/V Two Fishers upon delivering 7,300 pounds of tuna to Ilwaco Landing on Tuesday, July 14. Johnson was out fishing for 10 days along with fellow commercial fisherman James Plymer before returning to port Tuesday. Photo’s, >click to read< 16:37

Heard of this Secret Armada? In the Russian exclusive economic zone, a secret war is going on.

Every year thousands of makeshift North Korean boats invade the waters of Japan and Russia to strip their seas of fish.  In a desperate bid for hard cash, and to feed his people, North Korea leader Kim Jong Un is forcing his fleets further out to sea to illegally fish, breaking United Nations sanctions. It’s risky business with voyages often resulting in death for the North Korean fisherman. Far out to sea in the Russian exclusive economic zone, a secret war is going on. The Russian coastguard is stepping up its operations against the North Korean armada. >click to read< 14:21

New fishing vessel certifying authority sails into post with familiar face at the helm

The Maritime Coastguard Agency has appointed a new fishing vessel certifying authority. The Society of Consulting Marine Engineers and Ship  Surveyors, presided over by Grimsby-based Allan Larsen, has taken over the role from Seafish. The new service launches this month. Larsen, managing director and principal surveyor in  his eponymous business, Larsen’s Marine Surveyors and Consultants Ltd, said it was an exciting expansion of the portfolio of technical marine services  held by the 100 year old non-profit organisation. Under UK law, it is a legal requirement that every fishing vessel has a coding certificate. >click to read< 12:43

Apalachicola Bay Oystermen to Lose Livelihoods – Supreme Court defers ruling on water war

Florida is poised to close Apalachicola Bay to oyster harvesting in a board vote slated for July 22. The proposed closure is the most dramatic step to be taken by Florida during its longstanding complaint against Georgia. The closure would start Aug. 1 and extend through Dec. 31, 2025. “You’ve got people out there working in the bay,” commission Chairman Noah Lockley Jr., a commercial fisherman said at the commission’s July 7 meeting. “These people need to either get some help or get some retraining, or something. That’s what they’re supposed to do, but they’re just going to come shut the bay down. Possession of an Apalachicola Bay oyster in or on the bay would be banned, as would be possession of the wooden tongs used to harvest oysters. >click to read< 11:09

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report: July 13, 2020

Baywide daily harvest dropped below 2 million for the first time since July 4th. The total harvest is over halfway to the pre-season forecast swimming in at 25.2 million fish. Total escapement throughout the bay is now just over 12 million, and has now passed the pre-season escapement forecast. The total run in Bristol Bay so far this season is 38.4 million fish.  Average fish per drift delivery was below 1,000 in every district of the bay yesterday.  >click to read< 09:48

1967: Two fishermen feared dead for almost a week were the toast of Portarlington last night.

In their broken down shark boat Veronica, they had won out after a grim, six-day battle against raging Bass Strait seas. Late on Saturday night, after a desperate last signal for help had been sighted by Cape Otway Lighthouse, the 32-ft. Veronica was taken in tow by another fishing boat. Yesterday morning the two crewmen, skipper Len Joseph, 32, and his mate Ron Oldfield, 34, stepped ashore at Apollo Bay, “back from the dead.”  The engine had failed only two hours after sailing from Port McDonnell. Last Monday the men ran out of food. Len Joseph kept a log book which spells out the drama of the ordeal. >click to read< 08:49