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Ship Conducting Undersea Surveys Ordered to Pause Work Following Conflict With Local Crab Fishermen

After successfully requesting a cease-and-desist order from the California State Lands Commission, local crab fishermen will be able to finish out the last few days of the season without worrying about conflicts with a ship that was conducting surveys off the North Coast. The survey work appears to be connected with proposals for high-speed, transpacific fiber-optic cables linking Southeast Asia to the United States. Cable companies have expressed interest in landing a trunk line stateside via the Harbor District’s wastewater discharge pipe, which runs from the Redwood Marine Terminal II (site of the old pulp mill) out to sea. Ken Bates, vice-president of the Humboldt Fishermen’s Marketing Association,,, >click to read< 20:45

KitchenAid Unveils New Lobster Sedation Kit To Reduce Cruelty Of Boiling Them Alive

“KitchenAid has developed a more humane method of lobster preparation that helps manage the pain a lobster feels upon being dropped into a 16-quart pot of scalding-hot water,” said company spokesperson Carolyn Green, adding that marine biologists and chefs had confirmed the kit’s proprietary blend of powerful anesthesia and rich, hand-churned butter alleviated the pain of a lobster’s blistering hot demise by up to 65%, while also improving flavor considerably. >click to read< 18:23

Lobstermen gather for foggy farewell to Andrew Gove

Dozens of lobster boats gathered off Greenhead on foggy Deer Island Thorofare Sunday morning to remember and pay tribute to “Uncle” Andrew Gove. A fisherman for 82 years, Gove retired from the sea last year at the age of 89 and died late last month at the age of 90. The fog was so thick Sunday morning that it was hard to tell exactly how many boats took part in the tribute, but one estimate was that as many as 50 were on hand. In addition to boats from Stonington, boats came from nearby harbors on the Blue Hill Peninsula and from as far away as Searsport, Vinalhaven and North Haven, home to many of Gove’s relatives.  >click to read< 17:44

PHOTO GALLERY: Paying tribute to Andy Gove>click for photo’s<

Success of NY Offshore Wind Industry Depends on Collaboration with Scallop Fishery – Who’s leaving because of Displacement?!

Governor Cuomo’s 2018 Offshore Wind Master Plan outlines steps for offshore wind development until 2030.  A first-of-its-kind document in the   United States, the plan delineated a study area known as the New York Bight Call Area.. The NY-NJ Bight Call Area is valuable to the Atlantic sea scallop fishery, the largest wild scallop fishery in the world. In 2016, the scallop industry generated $486 million in landings revenue. As a point of comparison, the American lobster was the top species fished in 2016, with $667 million in landings revenue.,, fishermen are concerned that the potential displacement of fishing activity from the wind farms could increase competition for the same scallop resources in the NY-NJ Bight and drive smaller vessels out of business. >click to read< 16:45

Carpe Carp

Clint Carter’s first catch of the day jumps right into his boat before he’s laid an inch of net. Another four or five silver carp make the leap in the time it takes Carter and his partner, Dave Buchanan, to scout out the best fishing grounds on that morning’s stretch of the Illinois River. The motor of their   steel-sided skiff startles the silvers enough to send them shooting out of the water in unpredictable parabolas. The motor of their steel-sided skiff startles the silvers enough to send them shooting out of the water in unpredictable parabolas. Once the men near a dense shoal of fish, the commotion reaches a fever pitch, like popcorn in a hot pan. Buchanan strategically twists and turns the boat, as Carter lets hundreds of yards of trammel nets off the stern. >click to read, photos< 13:46

Charges laid in 2018 P.E.I. lobster boat collision that took 2 lives

Clarence Barry White of Dover Road, 51, is charged with two counts of criminal negligence causing death.  He’s also charged with two counts of failing to keep lockout, under the Canada Shipping Act. The two lobster boats collided off Beach Point two years ago. Joel ’98 sank after White’s boat Forever Chasin’ Tail hit it, taking the lives of 20-year-old Justin MacKay from P.E.I. and 59-year-old Chris Melanson from Nova Scotia. An >investigation by the Transportation Safety Board, click< determined Forever Chasin’ Tail was on autopilot at the time of the crash. >click to read< 10:58

Cancel Culture: Michael Shellenberger Censored For Exposing Climate Industrial Complex

The media’s obsession with cataclysmic climate change is matched only by their fixation on unreliable wind and solar power as the only solution. But even among their own ilk, the “only more subsidies for wind turbines and solar panels will save us” narrative has worn thin, of late. Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans lifted the lid on the cynical and manipulative crony capitalists profiteering from the climate industrial complex that they helped to create.,, Michael Shellenberger, once worshipped by America’s green-left, has found himself in the same territory. Shellenberger, obviously no fool, was alive to the tactics employed by the mainstream press to marginalise, de-platform and ultimately cancel anyone deemed to be ‘problematic’, whether for spouting inconvenient truths or simply failing to support the party line. >click to read< 09:36

Coronavirus: B.C. spot prawn prices plummet as Asian markets vanish

An energized crew of a boat named Little Kathy pulled into Ladysmith harbour Friday loaded with live B.C. spot prawns. The crew unloads them as fast as they can, hurrying to get their day’s catch on the next ferry bound for the Lower Mainland. The prawns will ultimately end up in restaurants in Vancouver, one of the few markets remaining for prawn fishermen. “That’s a big change because of what’s going on with export markets,” said fisherman Fraser MacDonald. >click to read<  China Says Samples Of Imported Salmon Tested Positive For COVID-19 –, We’ve been paying close attention to Chinese propaganda since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak,,,  And on Saturday, Bloomberg signal-boosted local reports claiming that imported shrimp from Ecuador had been found to be carrying traces of the virus,,, >click to read< 08:07