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Australian film director plans to restore and create documentary film on fishing trawler Pacific Venture

DFO Fishery Closures – ‘radical course of action’ will devastate salmon harvesters and coastal communities

A coalition of 13 members partnered in the media statement issued by UFAWU, decried the Department of Oceans and Fisheries (DFO) announcement of closures as “a radical course of action to combat the salmon crisis,”. “Many harvesters were freshly geared up, fees paid and deckhands aboard, heading their vessels to the salmon openings they were told to expect,,,  “These closures will devastate salmon, harvesters, and coastal communities alike. The only gain will be the political favour of those who’ve been fooled into thinking this is the answer to the salmon crisis,” UFAWU stated >click to read< 14:29

Opinion: Columbia Basin Collaborative anything but collaborative

The Columbia Basin Collaborative was introduced last year by the governors of the four Northwest states to help move the region past unending litigation around endangered salmon species. Our initial feedback was that the collaborative should expand beyond the four Northwest states, recognizing that salmon in Canada, Alaska, and Northern California have seen similar Chinook salmon declines the past 50 years by a shocking 65%. This finding was recently confirmed by the region’s Independent Science Advisory Board. Unfortunately, recent developments within the collaborative are causing concern. Instead of looking for new solutions, it seems the collaborative is essentially a recall effort aimed at removing the lower Snake River dams.  >click to read< 10:22

Uncertain Future: Commercial shrimp season nears for “frustrated” Port Arthur shrimpers

Port Arthur area shrimpers are facing an uncertain future even with the opening next week of the Gulf of Mexico commercial shrimp season for state and federal waters. Texas and federal waters are slated to open for commercial shrimping at 30 minutes past sunset Thursday. Port Arthur Area Shrimpers Association Vice President Kim Tran,,, a combination of events that includes Hurricane Harvey fallout and the COVID pandemic produced less-than-ideal shrimping hauls leading to fewer boat captains and deckhands. >click to read< 09:16

Farewell to Ronnie Fatulli, a self-made, hardworking lobsterman

If you wanted info on the fishing business in Newport, you went to Ron Fatulli. Ronnie died this week at age 88, a self-made man who embodied the concept of work ethic. In his prime, no one could outsmart him or outwork him. He was born and raised in fishing country, New Bedford, Massachusetts. After finishing an Army hitch, he bought a small lobster boat and sold sandwiches to sailors in Newport. He opened the Aquidneck Lobster Co. in 1959, and with David Kilroy, turned it into a popular restaurant,,, Ron believed in second chances and hired his share of people in need. He worked seven days a week in a grueling business. Employees could hardly gripe about the work when the boss was putting them to shame. >click to read< 08:30