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Outer Banks Seafood Festival Endowment Created

The Outer Banks Community Foundation is pleased to announce that the Outer Banks Seafood Festival Endowment has been established by the Outer Banks Seafood Festival Board of Directors. The Outer Banks Seafood Festival is a nonprofit organization that promotes the positive impacts of our local seafood industry, educates people about seafood indigenous to North Carolina and the Outer Banks, and provides need-based support to the local fishing community and its members through festival proceeds. The endowed, designated fund will be maintained to support the Seafood Festival and its philanthropy. >click to read< 17:38

Fishermen launch legal action over North East crustation deaths

Fishermen along the North East coast have told of taking up new jobs amid a fishing crisis which has threatened their livelihoods and seen dead crustaceans wash up along the shoreline. Paul Graves, a lifelong fisherman off the Teesside and North Yorkshire coast, has taken up extra jobs over the summer to earn a living while his fishing boat is tied up in Hartlepool Mr Graves, like many other fishermen in the area, have grown frustrated by a marine life crisis which has seen hundreds of dead crustaceans wash ashore along the coast. For Paul, he’s contemplated selling his boat, owned by his family for years, due to the uncertain future. “I tied the boat up and went and did seven weeks work for a cable company,” he said. photos, >click to read< 15:49

An almost exceptional season for Gaspé lobster fishermen

According to the Regrouping of Professional Fishermen of Southern Gaspésie, the 2022 season is second among the best fishing seasons for Gaspé lobster fishermen, after that of 2021. The General Manager of the Regrouping, O’Neil Cloutier, indicates that this observation can be made both from the point of view of prices and of the volumes caught. Gaspé fishermen brought 8,170,000 pounds of lobsters to the wharf in 2022, a decrease of about 2% compared to 2021. Prices followed the same trend, decreasing slightly. On average, anglers had received a record landed price of $8.35 per pound in 2021. They received an average of 40¢ less this year. >click to read< 10:43

Arizona lobster roll chain buys processing plant and wharf in Maine

A growing Arizona restaurant chain is snapping up pieces of Maine’s lobster industry, buying a Bailey Island wharf and now a Richmond lobster processor, so that it can keep selling cheap lobster rolls at its drive-thru locations. Angie’s Lobster bought a processing plant from Shucks Maine Lobster last month, adding to the family-owned wharf in Harpswell it purchased in late July to source lobster for the company. Angie’s officials would not say what they paid for either purchase. Representatives of the Maine Lobstermen’s Association and Maine Lobster Dealers’ Association did not return messages Wednesday evening requesting interviews about the sale. >click to read< 10:03

Fishing company fined $59,000, vessel seized after illegal bottom trawling

A deep sea fishing company has had its vessel seized and fined $59,000 after illegal bottom trawling by a skipper on his first high sea job. The Amaltal Fishing Company, a subsidiary of Talley’s Group Limited, and skipper Charles Shuttleworth, were convicted and sentenced in Nelson District Court on Thursday on 14 charges of bottom trawling in a protected area. In March, Amaltal and Shuttleworth were found guilty of the charges, which were brought by the Ministry for Primary Industries. Reading from court documents, Judge David Ruth described how Shuttleworth, despite his 40-year experience, had never worked on the high seas. >click to read< 09:10

Offshore Windmills Will Generate High Costs and Unsafe Conditions

A new wave of commenters now seems to have adopted the Kennedy family objection to an offshore wind farm that was proposed about 30 years ago for the area just south of Hyannis, off Cape Cod. “Well,” said one Kennedy family member memorably, “but we will have to look at those monstrosities.” Offshore wind is one of the most expensive sources of commercial electricity generation when all costs including maintenance and repairs are included in the rate calculation. Onshore windmills, on the other hand, are one of the least expensive ways to generate electricity, just a little cheaper than using natural gas. However, that’s a problem since Biden inflation and energy production in this country are locked together and have produced nothing but higher costs on everything. >click to read< 08:35

F/V Aleutian Isle lying on starboard side 200 feet down, TFR extended to Oct. 15

An ROV was deployed early Tuesday morning August 30 to the F/V Aleutian Isle wreck site. The ROV and subsequent dive operations confirmed the commercial fishing vessel is lying hard on her starboard side with the hull facing up slope and has not moved from its general location at a depth of more than 200 feet off San Juan Island. Plans were to deploy the ROV again Wednesday afternoon as divers prepare for the next window of opportunity to dive to the wreck site. >click to read< 07:33