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Senator Kerry Urges Release of Latest Swartwood Report, mentions the Agency created “declared fishery disaster”.

WASHINGTON — Senator John Kerry, in a letter to U.S. Department of Commerce Acting Secretary Rebecca Blank, urged the immediate release of the most recent report of Special Master Charles B. Swartwood, a  report commissioned as a result of an investigation made at Sen. Kerry’s behest. “The perceived delay in releasing the report has resulted in further eroding of public trust in the agency.  Again, I urge you to release Special  Master Swartwood’s report.”

Senator. Percieved delay? There is nothing percieved about this. It is a fact that public trust in this agency is bankrupt.



The Obama Administration’s Commerce Department Is Obstructing Justice. Swartwood II

What are they afraid of?

The findings, by Special Master Charles B. Swartwood III regarding NOAA’s fishing enforcement tactics, were completed in early May. They are said to be detailed, numerous and explosive. But that report remains hidden from the public. Both John Bryson, who resigned after his now-infamous June hit-and-run escapades in southern California, and acting Secretary Rebecca Blank have ignored multiple calls to make the latest report public. And so NOAA administrator Jane Lubchenco, whose shown nothing but contempt for Congress and any other oversight since 2009, when she took the reins of an agency that is even more dysfunctional now than it ever was then.