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Year in Review: Alaska Fisheries – Board shakeup, drifters win, sockeyes up as pinks, crab crash

After a hectic fisheries year in 2015 involving felony charges, forced retirements and resignations, the 2016 Board of Fisheries confirmation cycle was mild, with few of last year’s inflamed arguments. This board shakeup precedes the Board of Fisheries Upper Cook Inlet finfish meeting in early 2017, which is held once every three years and is highly charged by the conflicts between user groups. The last two years took a toll on fisheries leadership, including one botched interview, one forced resignation, three failed nominations, a fistful of felony charges against one of those nominees, and two recent resignations — one by chairman Tom Kluberton who cited political burnout and stress, the other by Bob Mumford, coming before he even had the chance to be confirmed by the Legislature. Unlike 2015, Board of Fisheries appointees had no trouble being confirmed in a rare occurrence for the Legislature. In April 2016, the Legislature unanimously confirmed Al Cain, Israel Payton, and Robert Ruffner to the Board of Fisheries, replacing Mumford, Fritz Johnson and Kluberton. Last year, Ruffner’s confirmation hearing went especially wrong after a sustained campaign by sportfishing groups to characterize him as holding commercial fishing sympathies. The Legislature failed to confirm him on a 29-30 vote in 2015 but unanimously approved him in 2016. Read the Year in Review here 11:35

Alaska: Strong forecasts, busy regulatory year ahead for fisheries

The coming year should prove a lucrative year for , even in the face of the doom and gloom surrounding the chinook salmon declines and a sketchy halibut situation. The largest volume fishery, pollock, and the most valuable fishery, salmon, both have positive forecasts and large projected harvests; escapements for Alaska’s iconic king salmon were largely achieved in 2014; and various regulatory bodies have a full schedule to deal with both hurting and flourishing stocks. Read the rest here 16:01

Congressional Candidates Debate Alaska Fisheries

Democratic incumbent U.S. Sen. Mark Begich squares off against Republican challenger Dan Sullivan, followed by U.S. House Rep. Don Young and his challenger Forrest Dunbar. The debate happens live in Kodiak, and will be streamed live on KSKA. It runs from 19:00 – 21:00. That’s 7pm – 9pm for you landlubbers. Live streaming is here 13:49