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4.5 tonnes of unmarked genetically modified salmon fillets sold in Canada

It appears Canadians were among the first diners in the world to eat a genetically modified animal — and they likely didn’t know it. U.S.-based AquaBounty Technologies said in a recent fiscal update about 4.5 tonnes of its fresh AquAdvantage salmon fillets were sold in Canada between April and June. The company got approval from Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection agency last year to sell the product. AquaBounty — which has a production plant in P.E.I. — did not say exactly where the salmon was sold. click here to read the story 16:20

AquaBounty, GMO salmon producer, applies to expand production on P.E.I.

aquabounty gmo salmonThe company that produces genetically-modified salmon has applied to re-purpose a 38-year-old fish hatchery in Rollo Bay West, P.E.I., as it looks to expand its commercial production. AquaBounty Technologies received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration five months ago to sell its AquAdvantage salmon in the United States. According to an environmental impact statement filed with the province, the company isn’t able to expand its production at its plant in Bay Fortune, P.E.I., because of the groundwater and electricity needed, so it’s requesting permission to use the old Snow Island Sea Smolt plant in Rollo Bay West. Read the rest here 08:22

Approval of GM salmon eggs will be challenged in Canadian court

The Ecology Action Centre and Living Oceans Society have partnered together in challenging Environment Canada’s decision to approve genetically modified Atlantic salmon eggs. The case will be heard in Ottawa’s Federal Court on Tuesday. The environmental groups contend the government agency did not follow its own legislative rules and conduct a full risk assessment before allowing Massachusetts-based biotech firm, AquaBounty Technologies, to produce GM-salmon eggs on Prince Edward Island. Read the rest here 20:19

Canadian Risk Assessment Finds GMO Salmon Susceptible to Disease, as Food and Drug Admin Rubber Stamps Approval!

A never-before-seen draft environmental review of AquaBounty Technologies’ (ABTX) genetically engineered (GE) salmon reveals that Canadian government scientists disagree with the engineered (GE) salmon (FDA) on key questions related to the safety and performance of what may be the first GE animal approved for human consumption. In light of these findings, Food & Water Watch, and Consumers Union today called on the FDA to terminate its ongoing review of GE salmon. Read the rest here 15:14

AquaBounty Fined for Violations on GE Salmon

Officials in Panama have fined AquaBounty Technologies $9,500, stating the facility is operating in violation of environmental regulations as it experiments with genetically engineered (GE) salmon. Read the rest here 10:20

Coming Soon to your Province! U.S. company applies to sell genetically modified salmon in Canada

Massachusetts-based biotech company AquaBounty Technologies has applied to the federal government for permission to market genetically engineered farm-grown Atlantic salmon. Read more here vancouversun 22:45

Environment Canada greases the AquaBounty skids – clears one hurdle but still waits for key OKs

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2What seemed like a step towards approving the world’s first genetically modified (GM) creature for human consumption a few days ago actually “doesn’t change anything,” according to a spokesman for AquaBounty Technologies, which has been trying to bring a transgenic salmon to market for years. Last week, the company got permission from Environment Canada to ramp up production of salmon eggs from research levels to greater commercial quantities. [email protected]

Food of the future: can ‘Frankenfish’ survive politics?

“I have no doubt the FDA will approve a genetically modified animal at some point,” says Kakha Bendukidze, the largest shareholder in AquaBounty Technologies, [email protected]