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Bluefin tuna being caught in more northern Atlantic Ocean waters of Iceland, Greenland

Scientists say warmer ocean waters are leading to bluefin tuna being caught in more northern Atlantic Ocean waters than ever before. Danish fishermen have caught the giant fish over the past several weeks . “We will see some strange new things in our waters,” he said. “In fact, we have already started to see some of that, species off the Caribbean and very southern waters are now showing up with greater regularity off the east coast of Canada.” Read the rest here 08:23

Trout River one part of a global concern – experiencing poor salmon returns

The Western Star –  There are some pretty big concerns about salmon stocks in Newfoundland and Labrador, according to Don Ivany. The issue is as close as Trout River and as far away as Greenland, and the regional program director for the Atlantic Salmon Federation says there is a connection. The primary area of concern regarding these large, multi-sea winter fish is in Greenland. continued