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Hispanic man wins $1.85M judgment over racial abuse while crewing on an Alaska fishing vessel in 2011

A Hispanic man who worked aboard an Alaska fishing vessel has won a $1.85 million settlement against his former employer, Seattle-based Alaska Longline, after being subjected to relentless racial harassment and dangerous working conditions, his attorneys said. Francisco Miranda, 37, and other Hispanic crew members were called “dirty Mexicans” and other racial epithets by the former captain and first mate of the Ocean Prowler in 2011, according to a stipulated judgment in the case. The captain also treated Hispanic crew members differently from those who were white and made comments like, “They should all swim back to Mexico,” the judgment says. A white crew member confirmed the allegations, testifying in a declaration that the captain was “racist towards the Mexican people on the boat …”, according to the judgment. continue reading the story here 09:17

Blue North Fisheries debuts state-of-the-art commercial fishing vessel

The F/V Blue North is a 191 foot freezer longliner owned by Seattle based Blue North Fisheries. The vessel was designed in Norway and built by Dakota Creek Industries in Anacortes. “I’m kind of pinching myself – we are finally here – we’ve got it,” said Patrick Burns who is the co-founder of Blue North. “It’s a state of the art vessel.” The $36 million fishing boat has been under construction for several years. It was delivered last week and has been receiving some final touches at Seattle’s Pier 91 as it prepares to make fishing history in Alaska’s Bering Sea. “This vessel is a game changer – it’s the greenest, most sustainable and highest tech commercial fishing vessel that’s ever been built in the United State and possibly the world,” said Kenny Down, President and CEO of Blue North Fisheries. Video, Read the story here 01:11

From the PETA Playbook? – CEO works toward a ‘humane harvest’

Kenny Down grew up in Ballard, and went to sea while still a teenager. Working for years aboard Bering Sea longliners, he never thought much about the stress that fish might go through as they were unhooked and then — while still conscious — cut open and bled. Now, the 52-year-old Down thinks about it a lot as chief executive of Blue North Fisheries, a Seattle-based company that on Monday will be launching a “humane harvest initiative” at the industry’s annual Seafood Expo in Boston. Read the rest here 14:56

Four Alaska fishing vessels resolve seafood waste violations to protect marine environment

(Seattle—Feb. 12, 2014) Three companies that operate four seafood processing vessels in federal waters off the coast of Alaska have agreed to comply with Clean Water Act permits Read [email protected]  23:56

From the Deckboss – Blue North fined, ordered to pay $179,000 in restitution after guilty plea to illegal cod catch

On 12/15/10 Alaska Wildlife Troopers in Dutch Harbor were contacted by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, which reported that the F/V Blue Ace, a 124-foot catcher-processor, had taken Pacific cod with longline gear in state waters closed to vessels 60 feet or greater in overall length. [email protected] 20:46

Blue North to Build First-of-Its-Kind Low-Impact Sustainable Fishing Vessel – includes innovative feature called a “moon pool”.

HomeSlider_2 blue northSeattle, WA (PRWEB) May 07, 2013 – Blue North, a sustainable natural resource company crafted for the 21st century, today announced that it has signed a contract with Dakota Creek Industries in Anacortes, Washington, to build one of the most environmentally friendly and technologically advanced fishing vessels in the world. The innovative “green” boat – which will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2014 –  was specifically developed for the Alaska cod hook-and-line fishery, and was designed by Skipsteknisk AS, a Norwegian ship design firm.  continued  Moon pool video