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A Sitka mobile processing plant built to chill out the Bristol Bay fishery

Alaska’s Bristol Bay sockeye fishery is intense, lucrative — and also remote. Much of the fish landed there is frozen whole and shipped long distances for secondary processing. Although the product is famous, there are some who think the quality could be improved. In Sitka, a pair of entrepreneurs is betting $2 million that they can deliver a better Bristol Bay sockeye. Meet Northline Seafoods. The relentless pace of sockeye fishing can’t be overstated: two openings a day, four hours between openings, with harvests topping 13 million pounds a day during the peak of the season in June. Twelve processors buy fish in Bristol Bay. And next year there will be a thirteenth: Northline. “They’ll go under the deck. There’ll be three more of these ice machines here…” This is Pat Glaab, who with his partner, Ben Blakey, has bought a 150-foot former helicopter logging barge and is converting it into a floating fish processor. click here to read the story 08:12

Chairman of the Board for Ocean Beauty Seafood’s Talks Sockeye in Dillingham By Mike Mason

This year’s sockeye fishery in Bristol Bay was a major topic of discussion Saturday during the first “Business of Fish” workshop of the season. kdlg Listen, and Read more here  15:20

Most of the Economic Benefits of the Bristol Bay Sockeye Fishery go to Alaska and Washington

radio-microphoneA report that was released back in May shows that the economic impact of the Bristol Bay sockeye salmon fishery extends across the country with most of the money flowing into Alaska and Washington state. KDLG’s Mike Mason recently spoke with one of the report’s co-authors for this story. [email protected]