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NEW BEDFORD: Mayor Jon Mitchell urges fisheries group to base yellowtail quota on reliable science

sct logoMayor Jon Mitchell Tuesday urged the organization responsible for setting catch limits for fish species shared between the United States and Canada to negotiate a Georges Bank yellowtail flounder quota for the 2014 fishing year that does not result in further harm to the fishing industry. Mitchell, in the release, also urged the Transboundary Committee members to “work to ensure that future TRAC assessments are conducted in a manner that renders them sufficiently reliable for giving catch advice.” [email protected]  02:40

Grand Falls fishway reopens, ending dispute over cross-border fish

A rift between Canada and the United States was settled on Wednesday after an  international agreement was signed, marking the reopening of a fishway. The fight was over a fish with two different names – one for each side of  the border – and a decision made two decades ago to shut the door on those fish  returning to the New Brunswick side of the St. Croix River to spawn. continued