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Cape Breton fishermen plead guilty to fishing closed area off Digby Neck

callie-rae-fish-violationsKevin and Paul Cormier, father and son from New Waterford, were not in Digby Provincial Court Sept. 18, but their lawyer entered guilty pleas for them on charges of fishing in a closed area, fishing with untagged traps and fishing without the person named in the licence. The federal crown attorney Alex Pink told the court that Fishery Officers on a routine patrol off Digby Neck found a trawl of 20 traps set in Lobster Fishing Area (LFA) 34 on Nov. 15, 2015. The Fishery Officers seized those traps, which were about 900 metres inside LFA 34, which doesn’t open until the end of November. Fisheries officers then watched with binoculars as fishermen on the lobster boat Callie Ray dragged two more trawls, or 40 traps total, from LFA 34 over the line into LFA 35, which was open at the time. Read the story here 17:52

Fleet separation, trade deal big election issues for Cape Breton fishermen

The fishery is one of the largest sectors in the Cape Breton economy, and while there are several issues of concern to fishermen in the federal election, none of them has made a big splash during the campaign. No one is sure why that is, but lobster fisherman Kevin Squires of Big Bras d’Or, president of Local 6 of the Maritime Fishermen’s Union, said those issues should be getting more attention. “Look around Cape Breton,” Squires said Sunday. “Look at our employment history and our employment prospects and look at what part of our economy,,, Read the rest here 18:31

MV Miner cleanup on hold while Cape Breton lobster fishery underway

Cape Breton fishermen say they’re relieved the cleanup of the MV Miner is being put on hold while lobster season is underway. Work to remove the ship, which ran aground off Scaterie Island in 2011 while being towed from Montreal to Turkey to be scrapped, is nearly completed. But to prevent any potential interference with the busy lobster harvest, that work has been put on hold. Read the rest here  10:08