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Seattle-based Alaska crab fleet alerted to new hazard: They’re carrying heavier pots

Alaska crab boats carry stability reports meant to guide the safe loading of up to several hundred crab pots that may be used to bring in a catch from the turbulent Bering Sea. But Coast Guard spot checks found that most of these documents significantly underestimate the weights of the steel-framed pots. The checks were spurred by a Coast Guard investigation into the Feb. 11 sinking of the Seattle-based Destination and the loss of all six of its crew. One of the vessel’s pots — retrieved from the Bering Sea bottom in July — was found to weigh more than the Destination’s stability report had assumed, according to testimony in a Marine Board of Investigation into the disaster. click here to read the story 10:46

Coast Guard Investigating Montauk Fisherman’s Death

While Donald Alversa’s family make his funeral arrangements, the Coast Guard has launched an investigation into his death. Though the Coast Guard’s rescue mission is closed, Hill said the Coast Guard Sector North Carolina, based in Wilmington, is leading an investigation into the cause of his death. Hill said it is standard protocol following any fisherman’s death at sea. [email protected]  11:56