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Getting CHOKED! Cod quota cuts, boats not fishing could interrupt New Bedford fish auction trading

AR-160529774.jpg&MaxW=650The fish auction that’s been a daily institution on the city’s waterfront for decades could see periodic closures over the next month or so, as a co-owner said Monday that this year’s significant cut to the cod quota is keeping many boats tied to the docks, rather than bringing in fish. Richard Canastra, co-owner of the Whaling City Seafood Display Auction since 1994, said Monday morning that in his view, “there won’t be” fish auctions on some days between now and July 4, when he expects commercial fishing activity to pick up again. “There’s not many fishermen fishing anymore,” Canastra said as he stood outside the auction building on Hassey Street. “A lot of the boats are just tied up — they’re not going to fish. Why would they fish if there’s only so much (allowable) cod?” Former New Bedford Mayor John Bullard, now regional administrator for NOAA fisheries, has said the new regulations create “about a 95 percent cut” since 2012 in catch limits for Georges Bank cod, a key species for New Bedford’s fishing industry. Read the rest here 06:43

FFAW President Keith Sullivan says Time to Increase Cod Quotas is now

Atlantic cod-

The president of the FFAW says you might not see a commercial fishery in the next couple of years, but he says there’s certainly an opportunity for an increase in quotas. Keith Sullivan says the industry is still fighting some misconceptions in the province, but this year he says they will land the highest value ever for the fishery. He says the fishery remains a driver in the province, and will be for some time and he pointed to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Listen, Read the rest here 10:48