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Misguided Opposition to Wind Farm? The rambling random notions of an unhinged crack pot.

As we face multiple global ecological crises, magnified by climate change, it is puzzling, even frightening, to see opposition to one of the major and already functioning forms of renewable energy, especially from the marine resources community. One would think that this community was completely ignorant of the proven threats of oil tankers to our fisheries and estuaries, or of the overfishing of food fish, or the destruction of coastal estuaries, the fish breeding grounds, for condominiums, hotels, resorts and other incompatible uses, or the polluting runoff from farms, sewers, cesspools and industry. The commercial fishing community has long sat on the sidelines as environmentalists fought the good fight to preserve ocean life.,, >click to read<10:19

Fishers on hook under province’s anti-mussel plan

wayne glowackiWINNIPEG BEACH — Everyone knows fishing is best in spring, especially commercial fishers. “Every hour that passes is hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars,” said Kris Isfeld, a commercial fisherman out of Winnipeg Beach harbour. “That’s when we make half our income.” So when the province announced last week it was closing four Lake Winnipeg harbours, including Winnipeg Beach and Gimli, preventing about 130 fishing skiffs from,, Read more here 11:06

Feds close to lifting sea otter ban off SoCal coast: San Jose Mercury News

Environmental report calls attempts to keep otters out of Southern California waters ‘futile’ ,,,,Opposition to the change in policy also comes from the commercial fishing community, where people are concerned about the otter as a competitor for resources, and about the regulations they’ll be forced to heed to protect the otters.,,,,The agency’s environmental statement concedes otters and fisheries likely will come into conflict. But goes on to say that sea otters have shown an ability to “return rapidly” to their home waters. http://www.mercurynews.com/central-coast/ci_21983387/feds-close-lifting-sea-otter-ban-off-socal