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Antarctic toothfish poaching ships shrug off New Zealand navy

Staying hidden behind sea ice and large waves, sailors aboard a navy patrol boat from New Zealand sneaked up on three suspected poaching ships, then took photos and video of the fishermen hauling in prized fish in banned nets from the ocean near Antarctica. Seemingly caught red-handed, the crews of the rusting vessels just kept on fishing. Read the rest here 09:24

Enviros look for way forward after Antarctic fisheries motion fails at international meeting

Conservationists are trying to determine a way forward after the annual Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) meeting ended on Friday. Representatives of 25 nations gathered in Hobart over 10 days for the CCAMLR meeting. The Antarctic Ocean Alliance, a coalition of 30 environmental groups including , said Russia and China blocked,,, Read the rest here 20:49

East-West hostility may stall Ross Sea conservation

A proposal to protect one of the most pristine marine ecosystems on the earth, Antarctica’s Ross Sea, could be jeopardized by growing tensions between Russia and the West, say environmentalists involved in next week’s high-level meeting on the plan. The two countries first blocked plans for the reserve in 2011 but, according to one environmentalist who asked to remain anonymous, CCAMLR negotiations took a downturn in 2013 when Russia granted asylum to National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden, prompting President Barack Obama to cancel a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Read the rest here 12:30

Will the World Adopt Sustainable Longline Fishing Practices?

The United States is the world leader in innovations to reduce longlining bycatch of birds, but we haven’t come nearly as far with protections for non-target fish and sea turtles. Many other nations don’t use mitigation for any kind of bycatch. Largely as a result, about half of the world’s petrels and most of the albatrosses are threatened with extinction. [email protected] 19:55

World’s largest marine reserve weighed for Antarctica

An effort to create the world’s largest marine reserve off Antarctica as a haven for seals, whales, penguins and diminishing fish populations comes up for a vote this week at an international meeting. [email protected]