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Strip club onboard Alaskan fishing boat making comeback

An Alaska man is resurrecting a strip club he operated on board his converted crab boat before he was convicted on waste disposal charges involving the vessel. This time, he’s billing the enterprise as a nightly protest. Darren Byler says he will begin his summer-long “First Amendment Freedom of Assembly” demonstrations Thursday on the 94-foot Wild Alaskan. He says the demonstrations will feature exotic dancers on board the boat, anchored off a harbor near the island city of Kodiak. Byler has long alleged he was hit with the federal “poop” charges because authorities and others disapproved of the exotic-dancer business he ran in 2014. He is appealing his federal case. “I’m protesting the fact that I was singled out and targeted for morality,” he said. “I don’t like being bullied by the government, and I’m doing this because I can. This is my way of winning.” Click here to read the story 08:53

“Wild Alaskan” owner gets probation in waste dumping case

An Alaska man convicted of illegally dumping human waste into a harbour from a floating strip club he was operating has been spared serving prison time. Darren Byler instead was sentenced in Anchorage Monday to five years of probation and ordered to pay a $10,000 fine, in increments of no less than $2,000 a year, beginning this year. U.S. District Judge Sharon Gleason warned Byler that failure to pay the fine could result in him going to prison. Federal prosecutors were seeking an 18-month prison term. Byler, who plans to appeal the case, has repeatedly said he was targeted because of disapproval over the business he ran on the 94-foot “Wild Alaskan,” a converted crabbing boat. Speaking to the court before his sentence was handed up, he said the prison term sought by prosecutors was overkill. He repeatedly called it a “poop charge.” “This case was all about an emotionally charged political witch hunt” by various entities, including the Coast Guard and the prosecution, he said in a written statement released after the sentencing. Read the story here 12:30

Sentencing reset for “Wild Alaskan” owner

A sentencing hearing has been rescheduled in the case of an Alaska man who was found guilty of illegally dumping human waste into a harbor while operating a crabbing boat that had been converted into a floating strip club. Darren Byler had been scheduled for a Thursday sentencing. But his attorney, John Cashion, says Byler’s flight from Kodiak Island was delayed and the sentencing is now set for 3:30 p.m. Friday. Federal prosecutors are recommending that Byler be sentenced to 18 months imprisonment. Prosecutors say Byler piped raw sewage from bathrooms aboard the 94-foot “Wild Alaskan” into the harbor near Kodiak in 2014 instead of taking it 3 miles offshore. The Bylers were accused of telling the Coast Guard they were properly disposing of the waste. click to read the rest 16:54

‘Wild Alaskan’ floating strip club owner guilty of dumping human waste in harbor

The owner of a crabbing boat that was converted into a floating strip club off the shore of an Alaskan island has been found guilty of illegally dumping human waste into a harbor. KMXT-FM reports that Darren Byler on Wednesday was found guilty in federal court of illegal dumping of sewage and lying to federal authorities about it. The jury found his wife Kimberly Riedel-Byler not guilty of the same charges. Prosecutors say Byler piped raw sewage from bathrooms aboard the 94-foot “Wild Alaskan” into the Kodiak harbor instead of taking the waste 3 miles offshore. Read the rest here 20:06

Fun Police Throw Wild Alaskan’s Strippers Out of Work, Pulling it’s Liquor License! So Much for Jobs Jobs Jobs. Video

In a tense meeting on Monday, Darren Byler, owner of the Wild Alaskan, met with the state’s Alcohol Beverage Control Board regarding the fate of his business’ liquor license. “We do need to make a living like everyone else, and we are doing it legally,”  Read the rest here 09:28