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Don’t fall for the deep-sea scaremongers – wild fishing is healthy and sustainable

Fishermen can’t win. The harder they work, the more successful they are, the more they are apparently despised. Take Scotland, for instance, where the EU (heavily influenced by well-financed NGO lobby groups) is attempting to exclude fishermen from large areas of the sea off the west coast that they may have fished for generations. Most fishermen agree with conservationists that there is a need to protect deep-sea coral and other vulnerable ecosystems far beneath the waves. Read the rest here 17:16

Must Read: Taking the P out of Marine Protected Areas? Dr. Magnus Johnson

The Scottish government has recently announced plans to double the areas of Marine Protected Areas in its waters with plans including 11 new MPAs and 9 Special Areas of Conservation. Somewhat predictably perhaps various conservation groups have been supportive of the measures announced although continue to seek further designations. Also somewhat predictably perhaps fishing organisations such as the Scottish Fishermens’ Federation (SFF) have accused the Scottish Fisheries minister of making irrational and damaging decisions. Absolutely, Read the rest here 07:51

The most abhorrent occupation in the world? Dr Magnus Johnson,

Imagine you have a business.

You’re not breaking any laws and its something your family have been doing for hundreds of years.  Your whole community has been doing it and whole cultures, traditions, music, stories and clothes have evolve around it.  Industries have thrived on your products.  Your product is gluten free, contains no additives, has a low carbon cost, doesn’t involve ploughing and transforming the land and gives us beautiful food that kings and commoners alike adore. continued