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Newburyport, Massachusetts – Family, friends recall crew of Lucky Lady, 10 years later

Friends and family members took part in a Mass last weekend to honor the memory of the two young men who died in the sinking of the dragger Lucky Lady 10 years ago today. Capt. Sean Cone, 24, a North Andover native, and crewman Dan Miller, 21, of North Hampton, N.H., were lost when their 52-foot vessel capsized and sank rapidly about 30 miles southeast of Portland, Maine, while returning to Newburyport, according to a Coast Guard investigation. A Mass was held on Saturday at St. Michael’s in North Andover, attended by Cone’s mother Leslie Arnold Cone, who flew up from Florida, according to the Remember Sean Cone Facebook page. The Coast Guard report was issued about a year after the sinking, concluding that it happened so quickly, neither man had time to access lifesaving equipment. Read the story here 10:27

Tina Ward was penniless and unemployed – Fish, family and the ties that bind

Tina Ward, right, stands with her oldest daughter, Sydney, at the Sportsmen’s Cannery, dockside at the Port of Ilwaco, WashingtonTina Ward was penniless and unemployed the day she stepped from the bus in Seaview, Washington, and headed in to apply for a job as a fish processor at the Sportsmen’s Cannery. It was an act that would shape and change her life forever, but of course, she couldn’t have known that then — when you’re only 13 years old, the moving hand of fate can be pretty hard to recognize. More than three decades later, sitting outside the same cannery, now as its owner, she laughs about that long-ago summer day: “It was time to think about school clothes for the fall, Read the rest here 09:54

Fishermen can be a Rather Superstitous Bunch

herman, monique coombsFishermen can be a rather superstitious bunch. I’m not sure where that trait comes from. Perhaps way back in the day, the first fishermen believed that if they did this one thing that they would catch more fish, and it just developed over time from there. Read more here visitmaine.com 09:21