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Massachusetts: Herring run in full swing along South Shore

Herring are filling local streams and rivers during their annual migration from the sea. Like salmon, herring live in salt water but travel to fresh water to spawn. In Pembroke, Herring Brook is full of fish fighting their way upstream to the top of a fish ladder that allows them to get around a dam at Glover Mill Pond. During the peak of the migration, it can see as many as 40,000 fish in one day. Video, photo’s >click to read<17:38

River herring return to Weymouth en masse – Thousands of herring were visible making their way towards the fish ladders in Jackson Square today. >click to read<22:51

Renovated Damariscotta Mills Maine fish ladder ‘a magic thing’

NOBLEBORO, Maine — When the alewives return in the next few weeks to Salt Bay at the head of the Damariscotta River, ready for the arduous journey leaping from pool to pool to reach Damariscotta Lake for spawning, they’ll find a new fish ladder to ease their passage. continued