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Damage Control For Flooding (Some notes on what to do when you have that sinking feeling)

If you engineer fishing vessels you are going to be expected to have the skills to lead damage control efforts, repair crews, control flooding, and even seal off compartments in order to prevent sinking. All of this needs to be done in a hurry so putting a little thought into how you intend to deal with flooding in some of the areas of your vessel and taking stock of any emergency pumps, equipment, and the condition of water tight doors and compartment bulk heads may be the difference between life or death. Read the rest here with 9 images. 17:20

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch – Do it yourself energy audits for fishing boats.

 Just as with a home audit to try and understand where your energy is going, how your vessel is consuming energy and finds places where it might be wasted or not used as efficiently as possible, and frankly, most fishing vessels are not very energy efficient.  Listen to the audio, and Read more here 16:33

Fishing Vessel Engineering: An Easy Fix For Generator Caused Electrolysis – Ten photos

easyfix 1When you run one of your generators do your L.E.D. indicator lights twinkle? Do your digital read outs jump around or other types of lights flicker? Or maybe the zinc anodes on your hull and pipes are going away very quickly near one of your gen. sets. These are all possible signs that your generator is shocking the boat. Before you call the cavalry for another expensive house call, why not pull a cover off of your generator and inspect the wiring for some easy to spot issues that could be your trouble. Read more here 11:09

Fishing Vessel Engineering – Bearing Failure On Fishing Vessels

bearing failure 3Not every day in fishing boat engineering is a good day. When an engineer working a shift at a factory has a bad day, he goes home at the end of the shift and grabs a nice cold one. When a boat engineer has a bad day, the shift seems to never end and home is a place that takes days to get to and money for refreshments requires fish in the hold to pay for them. With that in mind I hope this fishing vessel engineering article series helps some of you to make it back to the dock with enough cash to pursue whatever makes you happy. Today’s disaster is,,, Read more here  17:22