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The Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant is leaking radiation contamination into Biscayne Bay

Wednesday’s news of radiation contamination emanating from the Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant leaking into Biscayne Bay alarmed Florida Keys citizens on every level. First, the Keys drinking water comes from the same neighborhood as the plant. Second, the affect to the fishery — so close to home waters — could also have an enormous impact. Florida Keys Commercial Fishing Association’s Bill Kelly said he called on Nick Wiley, the director of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, to study the problem on Wednesday. “We need to test the lobster, shellfish and finfish in Biscayne Bay,” Kelly said. “We need to know if there’s any concern about public consumption of any of those products collected in that area.” Read the rest here 09:20

Cortez fisherman’s case to Supreme Court next month

John and Sandy YatesSandy Yates was walking past her front door with a laundry basket that day in 2010 when she noticed something a little peculiar: Federal agents in bulletproof vests were standing on her porch. “Is your husband home, Ma’am?” one of them asked. “No,” she said. “He’s on a crab boat.” So the agents drove down to the docks of Cortez and waited for John Yates, an amiable grandfather in his late 50s with the same craggy face that all fishing captains seem to have. Read the rest here 23:45

How Destroying Fish Is Not Like Destroying Financial Records – Click Here

Overcriminalization is a significant problem in the United States, particularly federal overcriminalization. There are a variety of reasons for this, but one is that federal prosecutors consistently stretch laws to encompass conduct that the law was never meant to cover. Normal people who committed minor infractions will often find themselves facing long prison sentences that are entirely disproportionate to the wrongness of the act. Such is the case in an upcoming Supreme Court case, Yates v. United States.   While commercial fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, John Yates Read more here  20:25

Appeal panel hears debate over mesh size in Florida fishing net rules

TALLAHASSEE _ A long-running legal battle that sits at the odd intersection of politics and commercial fishing took another step forward Thursday in a Tallahassee appeal court hearing. Read more here 11:52

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission officers seized 2 tons of illegal Apalachicola oysters

Law enforcement officials seized 4,000 pounds of illegally harvested oysters earlier this week in Apalachicola and stopped the haul from heading to seafood markets. The oysters were harvested from bars closed until summer and are an example of the recent wave of abuse on a resource that state agencies, oystermen and the Gulf community have been scrambling to bring back to healthy levels. Read [email protected]  16:06

Crews in Florida count scallops to determine water quality

SANIBEL ISLAND, FL – Hundreds of volunteers spent their Saturday morning counting scallops. It sounds silly, but the scallop population has plummeted in recent years because of red tide and freshwater releases. [email protected]