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Southampton Bayman Gets Back On The Water

Seven months after losing his commercial vessel, the Elizabeth J (click here), to the ocean after it was struck by another boat south of the Shinnecock Inlet, 63-year-old Jeff Kraus of Southampton is about ready to return to his old fishing grounds. Mr. Kraus, who has been a bayman since 1976, recently purchased a 45-foot fiberglass boat in Shippagan, New Brunswick. The vessel, which was built in 1988, was previously used as a shrimping boat and frequently fished the waters off Canada’s Gulf of St. Lawrence. Read the article here 15:56

Owner Of Sunken Scallop Boat Says Captain Tried To Warn Approaching Vessel

The owner of the Elizabeth J said the captain of his ship attempted to radio the Nina Marie shortly before the sport fishing boat . Southampton resident Jeff Kraus, who was not on the boat at the time of the accident, said his vessel was traveling at about 3 knots and fishing for scallops when the captain spotted the Nina Marie on the boat’s radar approaching at roughly 20 knots. Read the rest here 10:59