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Letter: Competing with NOAA’s smoke and mirrors – Paul Cohan, Captain, F/V Sasquatch, Gloucester

gdt iconTime and NOAA have much in common. You can’t speed either of them up, nor slow them down, and stopping either of them is right out of the question. Time is NOAA’s strongest ally, and the fishermen’s greatest enemy. Similar to the waning moments of a one-sided football game,,, [email protected] 07:22

Letter: A parable and NOAA fishery disputes – Stuart Diamond, Rockport, Ma

Letter: Fishermen’s aid can’t trump Sandy – Captain PAUL COHAN, F/V Sasquatch Gloucester

To the editor: While we (fishermen) have been burdened by a callous, vindictive, government agency admittedly bent on the ultimate destruction of the families, economies, and communities who are historically dependent upon fisheries, no comparison can, nor should, be made to the plight of our fellow citizens who have struggled through the ravages that Sandy left in its wake.

People who have lost houses, been left without the basic necessities of life — power, water, food, and fuel — clearly take precedence over a disaster of human origin. Read More http://www.gloucestertimes.com/opinion/x520558881/Letter-Fishermens-aid-cant-trump-Sandy