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Cyr Couturier, executive director, Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association Blames Federal Policy in Gray Aqua woes

Cyr Couturier, executive director of the Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association, said that under Canadian Food Inspection Agency rules Gray Aqua Group had to destroy fish infected by outbreaks of salmon anemia, costing the company millions of dollars. Couturier said the company had to destroy its fish before they were large enough to sell. (who wants diseased fish?) [email protected] 17:07

Canadian Fish Farmer Gray Aqua files for bankruptcy protection – Infectious Salmon Anemia virus causes financial indigestion

The company was recently hard hit by a series of infectious salmon anemia cases, resulting in millions of dollars worth of fish having to be destroyed. At the same time, Gray’s has been ordered by the courts to repay Corey Nutrition just under $650,000 that it owes for fish feed supplied to its farms in Newfoundland. [email protected] 15:26