New organization for ‘chix who fish’ in the works

A group of women commercial fishermen — brought together via a social media campaign to bring attention to the lack of fishing gear for women — has expanded its scope and is now working toward forming the first Women’s Commercial Fisheries Alliance. In 2013, Genevieve McDonald, captain of lobster vessel Hello Darlin’ II, launched a Facebook page called ‘Chix Who Fish’ which successfully raised awareness to the lack of foul weather gear for women commercial fishermen, as they refer to themselves, who often resort to duct taping men’s gear that is too large or settling for ill-fitting children’s sizes. Read the article here 13:35

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  1. Carol Gordon says:

    I am an author in Chatham, Cape Cod, MA writing a book about women commerical fishing. I would love for someone to contact me. You can also text me at 508-733-7414. Thanks so much.

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