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‘Lobster War’ zones in on U.S.-Canada turf dispute

“A fisherman is born not made.” Those words, from the film Lobster War, may ring true to the island fishing community, and to fishermen throughout New England, Canada and beyond. And, just as lobstermen often pass their expertise and way of life down through the generations, so, too, can turf conflicts begin over long-held family fishing areas. In Lobster War, the disputed turf is 270 square miles of ocean on the U.S.-Canada border, and the “families” are Maine and Canadian lobstermen. >click to read<11:12

Lobster fishery intensifies Machias Seal Island boundary dispute

In the past, local fishermen based in Cutler, Maine and Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick have feuded over the area, but have been able to sort out their differences informally. But in recent years, at least one Nova Scotia processor as well as aboriginal bands exercising their rights under the Supreme Court of Canada’s Marshall decision have acquired licences that were once part of the Grand Manan fleet. Steven Corkum, the president of Nova Scotia-based Yarmouth Sea Products,  law enables him to hire a crew to catch lobster in Zone 38. Read the rest here 06:36

Lobster War in the “Gray Zone” – High prices fuel border feud

gray zoneThere have been death threats on both sides of the watery divide between the United States and Canada, as lobstermen accuse each other of sabotaging lines, stealing gear, and setting traps atop those already in the water. “This is a ticking time bomb out here,” said Brian Cates, 61, of Cutler, Maine, who has been fishing the contested waters in the Bay of Fundy since he was 9 years old. “It’s just a matter of time before someone gets killed.” Video, Read the rest here 07:49