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Drone images of the lobster fleet

Maine is known around the world for the iconic lobster boats that dot the coast and are the primary vehicle for the state’s renowned fishing industry. Portland-based photographer Mark Fleming has developed a new perspective on these boats by using a drone to capture them in an innovative, yet classic fashion. The Island Institute is celebrating Fleming’s extraordinary visual record of these working vessels by featuring his work on the covers of the new edition of the Island Journal, the Institute’s annual magazine.,,“Fishermen take pride in their boats,” said Fleming. “Not only do they often put their life savings into these vessels, but they put their personalities into them as well. It’s these details that become really important when you isolate the boat.”  click here to read the story 16:53

A Climate of Change video series: Ocean Acidification in Alaska

In the second chapter of our series of videos on the effects of climate change on fisheries, Island Institute media specialist Scott Sell explores the effects of ocean acidification on the shellfish industry in Alaska — and what that might mean for Maine: Watch, and Read more here   17:19

Couple claim wrongful firing by Rockland Me. Island Institute

The Franks were hired in 2009, according to their lawsuit. James Frank was hired to assist in the creation of the Port Clyde Community Groundfish Sector organization due to his extensive experience in commercial fisheries and his familiarity with the Knox County fishing industry. Susan Frank was hired as data collection manager. continued