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Georges Bank said to be ‘paved with fluke! Fishermen Assail NOAA Quotas – Schumer fears major job losses

Commercial fishermen on the draggers seen offshore last week took advantage of calmer seas and the State Department of Environmental Conservation’s raising of the daily limit on fluke from 70 to 210 pounds. The higher limit was in effect from Dec. 18 through Friday as the state’s annual quota for the fish, highly sought by commercial and recreational fishermen alike, had not been reached.,, Mark Phillips, who fishes on the F/V Illusion out of Greenport, was once among the largest harvesters of fluke in the state, landing a few hundred thousand pounds per year, by his count. The problem, Mr. Phillips said, is that stock assessments are inaccurate because NOAA conducts surveys — such as with its ship the Henry B. Bigelow, which collects data in waters from Maine to North Carolina — when fluke are migrating from undersea canyons to inshore waters. Read the story here 14:49

Prince Rupert Reacts to Job Losses at CANFISCO

canfisco%20(1)“A slap in the face” That’s what union executives are calling the cuts to the salmon canning industry in Prince Rupert. The union representing says it will be fighting Canfisco’s decision to end operations at its Oceanside plant. A dark day for workers in the salmon canning industry — as they receive news that they’ll soon be without a job. Executives of the union representing fishermen and allied workers met with its members today to explain details surrounding the imminent closure to salmon canning operations at Canfisco’s oceanside plant. Read the rest here 10:47

video: NEW: Hinckley Says Over-Regulation Hurting RI Fishing Jobs

“I think what was most striking to me was that while we had Senators and Congressman from both parties, from Massachusetts to Florida, our Senator, Sheldon Whitehouse, was a no-show, he apparently doesn’t have the time or interest to speak up for Rhode Island fishing industry jobs,” said Hinckley.