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Why is it wrong for the fishermen to bring a lawsuit but is alright for Mr. Shelly’s CLF to profit from lawsuits?

CLF’s Peter Shelley at Talking Fish wrote: Blowing Up the New England Fishery Management Council. He won’t post the rebuttal comments but we will!

Comment on Talking Fish that doesn’t seem to be accepted. Mr. Shelly and CLF make a living from suing NOAA and fishing for dollars. For that they get nonprofit tax status. So the taxpayers pay twice 1) for nonprofit status and 2) because they file so many lawsuits they win by default (a scam all NGOs have perfected). Unlike fishermen who do pay taxes and support local economies. Contrary to Mr. Shelly’s claim the majority of people on the councils are not fishermen, and one of the so called fishermen that is on the council is a paid spokesman for the ENGOs (John Pappalardo).

This lawsuit is about fishermen having to pay 2-10 percent of their gross income to pay for monitors. What other industry pays to be monitored and at these percentages, the farmers don’t, the beef industry doesn’t, the pharmaceutical companies don’t, the oil companies don’t. Imagine the  outcry if Exxon Mobil had to pay 2 percent of their gross income on top of other taxes.
Why is it wrong for the fishermen to bring a lawsuit but is alright for Mr. Shelly’s CLF to profit from lawsuits?
Maybe it is time that we look at the NONPROFIT status of all these groups.
We couldn’t agree more. 15:59

Can the Sea Shepherds Cult Survive the Lawsuits?

Ady Gil has become dead-set on rooting out the dishonesty he sees in Watson’s radical conservation organization. He and his own conservation group, Ady Gil World Conservation, are bringing lawsuits against Sea Shepherd and its founder for damages, defamation and fraud – the first of which, concerning the loss of the ship, will likely be decided this summer. The first suit alone could cost SSCS as much as $50m. “These are people who will do anything possible to draw sympathy,” says Gil, who describes Sea Shepherd in an interview as “infested with corruption”. Read the rest here 18:43

CLF sues NOAA to block openings – “It’s not hypocritical at all,” says Peter Shelley who criticized Coakley for interfering with the federal regulatory process.

The day after Peter Shelley, senior counsel for Conservation Law Foundation, derided Attorney General Martha Coakley’s federal lawsuit to block NOAA’s tight new groundfish catch limits as political “soapbox” posturing, CLF and a litigation partner filed two lawsuits of their own against the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. continued

We’ve given you the N E Lawsuit Palooza Headlines, but these guy’s tie it into a nice tidy package. That’s why they get the Big bucks.

logoThere is no shortage of lawsuit’s in New England. If anything, there’s a glut! All have been in the planning stages, some telegraphed at NEFMC meetings. As always, the lawsuit professional CLF is ready to rip NMFS a new a- hole, because, as Dick Grachek explains to us at his column, it’s what they do!  Earthjustice threw down, along with Oceana Incorporated and I’m  betting someone else is gonna join the fray.

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley also files a law suit against  NOAA to block new regulations that threaten the New England fishing industry.

The savingseafood.org guys have put together an excellent rundown of the timeframe and actions unleashing the furor of the reactionary lawyers of the ENGO non-profit opportunists to once again, ignore science and sue the agency that you pay for. For a bunch of clowns that keep talking about climate change, they seem to ignore it when it’s convenient, or doesn’t fit into the finish off the New England fisherman while John Bullard has them on the ropes, thanks to his boss Lois Schiffer, and the undisclosed law that John says he must abide by. Here’s the link to savingseafood.org and its comprehensive analysis.