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Boatbuilders boosting capacity and hiring workers to keep up with demand

Wedgeport Boats is boosting its production capacity and hiring more employees to meet the strong demand for modern lobster-fishing boats.,, The challenge for Nova Scotia’s boatyards – some industry insiders say the biggest challenge – is finding those employees to build increasingly complex and larger lobster-fishing boats. “Boatbuilders are looking at replacing wood with some composite panels for deckhouses,” said Tim Edwards, executive director of the Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association. “Many lobster boats are being fitted with live wells – to help improve the quality of landed catch. click here to read the story 08:54

Florida Fishermen Pin Their Hopes On Stone Crab Season after Hurricane Irma

On Florida’s Marathon Key, lobster boats pull up to the docks in the afternoon, same as they would on any September day. But this year, instead of hauling in thousands of valuable spiny lobsters, most are unloading the few traps they can find, and maybe a quarter of the usual catch. Boat captain Carlos Moreira is tired after a long day at sea searching for lost traps.  “Well you gotta start somewhere, so you just look for one,” says Moreira.  “Yesterday, from where I had my traps to where I found them, they were 7 miles away. And to travel around, and try to find a 7 and a half inch buoy in the Gulf of Mexico, is a challenge.” click here to read the story 08:16

A double whammy at trap yard – First, a fire, then a hurricane. What can possibly come next? “A lot of guys lost a lot of gear again. They rebuilt all the traps lost in the fire, so all those traps were lost for a second time,” click here to read the story

Lobster boats collide off South Bristol, one sinks, no injuries reported

Two lobster boats collided off South Bristol the Tuesday morning, and one of the vessels sank, according to U.S. Coast Guard Station Boothbay Harbor. There were no injuries. U.S. Coast Guard Sector Northern New England is investigating the cause of the accident. The names of the individuals and vessels involved are not being released, according to William Armstrong, officer in charge at Coast Guard Station Boothbay Harbor. Around 8 a.m. Tuesday, the boats collided “3-4 miles” offshore, Armstrong said. The second vessel sustained only minor damage. click here to read the story 14:20

Controversial bill allowing secret tracking devices on lobster boats wins Maine Senate approval

A compromise has been reached over a controversial bill that would allow the Department of Marine Resources to secretly place tracking devices on lobster boats. The measure is aimed at cracking down on violators of lobstering laws. The Maine Lobstermen’s Union had been strongly opposed to the bill, saying it gave the commissioner too much authority by allowing him to covertly track boats. But after a discussion with the commissioner this morning the union now backs the bill. “So we have a lot more people fishing offshore, much more difficult to catch violators offshore,” said Patrice McCarron of the Maine Lobstermen’s Association. McCarron said if allowing investigators to covertly place tracking devices on boats of suspected cheaters leads to more arrests, the industry will be better off. Video, click here to read the story 11:30

Maine Lobstermen Support GPS Tracking of Lawbreakers Fishing Vessels – Lobstermen from Swans Island are fed up with the bad behavior of fellow fishermen who violate regulations within the states most valuable fishery.  Video, click here to read the story 12:02

Mass Delegation pressures NOAA over Lobster Boat Observer coverage

According to NOAA’s figures, Massachusetts-based lobsterDM0811_468x521 are scheduled for 266 sea days of monitor coverage in the 2015 fishing season, compared to only 218 in Maine where there are significantly more lobstermen fishing. Together, Massachusetts and Maine will account for 78 percent (484 of 619) of all sea days of coverage scheduled in 2015 for lobster boats fishing from Maryland to Maine. “While NOAA has indicated that lobstermen will not be financially responsible for observer coverage during the 2015 season, the agency has not indicated if this will be the case in subsequent years,” the letter said. Read the rest here 09:01

Observer coverage more likely on lobster boats with state, federal permits

Massachusetts is slated to have more Fishermen unload their catch from the Gloucester-based Michael & Kristen,than Maine, where there are far more lobstermen fishing. According to NMFS, Massachusetts-based lobster boats are scheduled for 266 sea days of monitor coverage in 2015, compared to 218 for Maine. Together, lobstermen from the two states are scheduled for 78 percent, or 484 of the 619, of the sea days of coverage slated for 2015 in lobster fisheries from Maine to Maryland. “Massachusetts has a lot of activity because there are a lot more fishermen who hold other federal permits,”  Read the rest here 17:59

Malpeque lobster boats stranded by sand bar

At least two boats were stuck and nearly a dozen more stranded in Malpeque Harbour on P.E.I.’s North Shore over the weekend. Low tides created a sandbar, making it nearly impossible for boats to get back to the wharf. Chris Wall is a lobster fisherman from Malpeque and was able to leave the Harbour just before the water levels got too low. He said for those who were left, there isn’t much choice but to wait until the tide comes back in. Read the rest here 08:47

4 lobster boats stuck on sandbar in Tabusintac – Comes on heels of deaths of 3 lobster fishermen

CBC_News_logoAt least four boats in Tabusintac are stuck on a sandbar, while another 15 were delayed by the low tide, a fisherman told Radio-Canada. It comes just nine days after three lobster fishermen were killed when their boat hit a sandbar and capsized in rough seas near the small northeastern community. continued