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Fish and Ocean Grabbing: The Case of Commercial Fisheries

10172769-largeOn April 8, 2009, a story in the New York Times quoted the administrator of NOAA (the federal agency in charge of managing OUR oceans) as saying that was “taking preliminary steps toward privatizing fisheries” (in New England). We submit that if the director of the Forest Service or the National Park Service, or the Bureau of Land Management was quoted as saying those agencies were taking preliminary steps towards privatizing public forests, national parks, or public rangelands, that there would be an immediate outcry from “the left.” And yet, there was no outcry whatsoever. Read more here 16:38:46

Kerry proves lone fed voice on disaster call By Richard Gaines GDT

The U.S. Commerce Department’s assertion is correct that “diminished fish stocks” played a role in the descent of the Lubchenco into a disaster under the watch of President Obama’s nominee, Jane Lubchenco, as chief administrator over oceans and atmosphere, most believe. Even more certain is that the causes of the disaster are murkier and far more complex than that Even more certain is that the causes of of the disaster are murkier and far more complex than that.  But in announcing the decision Thursday to grant Gov. Deval Patrick and his colleagues governing New York and the other four New England fishing states the disaster finding that had been the object of increasingly desperate pleas dating back to last Nov. 15, the Commerce Department made sure questions could not be asked not of Roberta Blank,the acting secretary; and not of Lubchenco  Read More