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Ludger Dochtermann of Kodiak – Reinstituting Reasonable Crab Pot Limits

Dear Board of Fisheries members: My name is Ludger Dochtermann of Kodiak, and I own two crab vessels, the F/V Northpoint and F/V Stormbird. Like all others in the fleet, we are deeply affected by the recent sinking of the F/V Destination off St. George Island and the loss of her entire crew.  The Stormbird is also fishing out of St. George this season. It is obvious that icing played a large part in that sinking, and word is that the vessel had an excessive number of pots aboard at the time.  Tarps were ripped off and found among the flotsam along with buoys and a life ring. The weather at the time made for severe conditions and risky business. It is challenging to parse between proposals, regulations, and policy, and just plain duty. The IFQ fisheries were instituted for privatization; and a federally imposed IFQ system came into being without NPFMC and U.S. Senate testimonies by vessel architects, load-line engineers, USCG safety officers, insurance experts and experienced captains discussing the specific concerns of safety. Continue reading the letter here 15:54


Saturday, September 5, 2015, Deckboss blogspot news [http://deckboss.blogspot.com/Lu Dochtormann] from the Alaska State Troopers stated, “State secures convictions against three trawlers, wins forfeiture of Pacific cod worth $106,326” — in a set of cases involving commercial fishing in closed waters as reported on February 24, 2015.  The violations apparently occurred in the closed waters of Kagalaska Strait, east of Adak Island in the western Aleutians. The combined total of fines levied was, disgracefully, a mere $12,000. Read the rest here 22:33

From the Fleet – Setting the Record Straight on Bering Sea Halibut Bycatch, Ludger Dochtermann, Kodiak

We, as Alaska Longline Fishers, are joined by Washington State halibut fishermen who also fish Alaskan waters. In 2012, statewide, 2,009 residents and 565 non-Alaskans held halibut quotas for Alaska waters; and 1,168 crew, as well. Thousands more are deckhands. Many longliners fish the Area 4 districts, waters of the Bering Sea, where the trawl bycatch problem is at its worst. In 2012, 308 Alaskans held 14.8 million pounds, and 186 non-Alaskans held 18.2 million; on average, the non-Alaskan holdings averaged twice what Alaskans held per person. Co-written by Stephen Taufen, Groundswell Fisheries Movement Read he rest here  11:46