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U.S. House Natural Resources Committee Advances Fisheries Law

“And we’re trying to maintain the integrity of the original act by adding some smaller changes, and (among) the smaller changes are flexibility,”  (Don Young) told the committee. The bill has alarmed some fishermen and conservationists. “We don’t think the changes they put in the act are really likely to have any effect on how we manage fisheries in the North Pacific,” (Chris) Oliver NPFMC said. “I think it could allow for some legitimate flexibility  in other regions — and even perhaps in future situations in the North Pacific — without eroding the basic underlying conservation measures” of the law. Audio Read the rest here 07:53

MSA Reauthorization:Senate Bill On Magnuson-Stevens Coming Soon, Says Begich

“We have not laid down our bill yet,” said Begich. “We’re probably another six to eight weeks away form that. My hope is to finish out the second quarter of this year with a bill coming out of committee and headed to the floor.” Read [email protected]  17:04

The Gulf Seafood Institute Position Paper Details it’s Platform for MSA Reauthorization

The Gulf Seafood Institute (GSI) has authorized a position paper detailing the organizations platform on the upcoming reauthorization of the Magnuson Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA). The position paper has been presented to the House Resources and Senate Commerce Committees during recent meetings on Capitol Hill. [email protected] 13:05

GDT Editorial: Hearing rightfully turns spotlight on Magnuson reforms

gdt iconMonday’s Boston hearing did not focus on how to throw money at the fishing crisis, but on carrying our reforms to the Magnuson-Stevens Act, which is up for reauthorization and sits at the core of the fishing crisis. [email protected] 14:25

Federal Fishery Act Undergoing Reauthorization; Will dictate for generations the parameters for managing the fishing industry By LAINE WELCH

SitNews – The rules that govern our nation’s fisheries are being retooled so it’s reassuring that Congress isn’t traveling in uncharted seas.,,,On Frankenfish,,, On Wal-Mart’s salmon diss,,, Salmon sales through April [email protected]