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NatGeo renews ‘Wicked Tuna’ as Season Five closes

5733be6896059.imageAs the fifth season of the hit National Geographic Channel series “Wicked Tuna” comes to a climax Monday, May 16, with the finale, NatGeo announced that the show will continue with a sixth season. The Gloucester-based reality television series, which has fans all over the world, will begin filming this summer for another season of tension on the high seas as the captains compete to bring in the most lucrative hauls of the gigantic bluefin tuna. This has been the most competitive season yet with four of the five boats in close contention to make the win with a “monstah” catch, and the fish are biting in the final episode as they fish within sight of each other. Read the story here 07:21

‘Big Fish, Texas’ Follows Buddy Guindon And His Commercial Fishing Empire

597952067695_597952067695_1080p_2398_BuddysBoys_DMShortBuddy Guindon is no stranger to hard work, having built up his company from only one boat to an entire fleet of boats and building Katie’s Seafood Market, which is named after Buddy’s wife. The entire Guindon family works together like a well-oiled machine in order to maintain and build upon what Buddy started. Buddy Guindon and his family are well known in Galveston, Texas, and he is a respected advocate of the Gulf fishery. Video, Read the article here 08:13

‘Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks’, ‘Port Protection’ & ‘Yukon River Run’ to Premiere in July on NatGeo

Following the premiere of Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks comes a new series, Port Protection. The remote, fog-shrouded community of Port Protection is tucked into the northwest corner of Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, and surrounded by the freezing waters of the North Pacific. A small band of extraordinary people push the limits of survival, living an isolated and risky life of self-reliance with no roads, no government and no cops. Yukon River Run:On Alaska’s Yukon River, three raft crews each begin preparations for a trek downstream to sell goods to native villages. Read the rest here 18:59