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Editorial: Hail fishing aid when it reaches those who need it

gdt iconBut you should excuse fishermen and even federal and state lawmakers if all this good news didn’t exactly touch off celebrations along the docks, and in the halls of government, where people like Congressman John Tierney called it simply “the next critical step in the process.” That’s because it’s also clear that this money — desperately needed by front-line fishermen months ago — is still weeks, and likely months from reaching them. Read more here  03:19

The Long Haul: “The Future of New England’s Fisheries.” – New England’s Fishermen Face a Challenge in Every Direction By Steve Junker

FVBuzzardBay_02Today WCAI is launching a 10-part series called “The Long Haul: The Future of New England’s Fisheries.” We’ll examine how the fisheries came to their difficult predicament. And we’ll also focus on the stories of people working to improve the future of the fisheries. In part one, WCAI’s Steve Junker looks at where we are now, and what it says about where we might be headed. [email protected]

Fish consumers may not notice cuts that are hurting New England’s fishermen

Associated Press – To the 79-year-old, the decline of the industry has stolen jobs, community  spirit and opportunity. And it’s not over, Gilson said. This month , New England’s fishermen again saw a cut to the number of fish  they can catch, this time so deep that the historic industry’s existence is  threatened from Rhode Island to Maine,,, continued