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NOAA ship crashes in Seattle’s Lake Washington Ship Canal

A research vessel with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) crashed Monday while passing through Seattle’s Montlake Cut of the Lake Washington Ship Canal, according to witnesses and a spokesman for the agency. The incident — which resulted in damage to one of the ship’s propellers, hull dents and paint scrapes — remains under investigation, NOAA spokesman David Hall said in an email. The boat, which the agency calls The Rainier, “made contact with the seabed and a concrete wall,” Hall said. No injuries were reported. >click to read<10:50

NOAA research ship Rainier puking oil all over Kodiak Island’s Womens Bay

Hall says the incident is being investigated. Gamble says the spill was traced to a rupture in the vessel’s bulkhead between a fuel tank and a water tank. Absorbent boom and a fuel skimmer have been employed at the site. Read the rest here 10:57