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Valuable west coast fishery to close July 1

sardine shut downPoor recruitment, thought to be the result of unfavorable ocean conditions, has resulted in a perilous drop in the Pacific sardine of the Pacific sardine off the U.S. West Coast.  Just to note, contrary to recent claims and reports – the Council’s Scientific and Statistical Committee states the fishery is NOT overfished nor is it subject to overfishing. Read the rest here 10:39

Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission: “Gulf menhaden stock is not overfished, overfishing is not occurring”

The Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission (GSMFC) has completed a  comprehensive, three year stock assessment of the Gulf menhaden population and  found that the stock is healthy and sustainable at current harvest levels. [email protected] 11:28

Shad catch limited in move to restore depleted fishery

The Mid-Atlantic council was careful to call the fisheries depleted, not overfished, Didden said. The disappearance of shad could also be due to the huge dams blocking their spawning migration in rivers such as the Susquehanna. [email protected]