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From wide open to closed: Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance seeks moratorium on new Nova Scotia plants

Nova Scotia’s seafood industry is seeking a moratorium on new plants and lobster pounds and wants the province to stop issuing new buyer and processor licences. Under the industry proposal, licences would also be transferable and could be sold. That would offer a windfall for current licence holders who at the moment must give them up when they exit the business. “We would like to see in the buying/processing sector a limited-entry system with transferability attached to it,” said Leo Muise of the Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance, an industry association that recently changed its name from Nova Scotia Fish Packers Association. The request was recently submitted to the Nova Scotia government as it reviews its seafood licensing regime. “We strongly feel there is enough capacity in the province right now and the commercial fish supply is limited to what’s in the ocean. We feel there is a nice balance right now and we would like to keep it at that level.” Read the story here 15:47

‘A slap in the face’: Ferry’s inability to haul commercial trucks gets negative reactions

The announcement of the new high-speed ferry service between Yarmouth and Portland, Maine, now expected to restart in mid-June, is not the cat’s meow to some. No commercial trucks will be allowed on board, said Bay Ferries president and CEO Mark MacDonald at a briefing in Halifax. “It’s disappointing,” said Nathan Blades of Sable Fish Packers of Shelburne, who is also president of the Nova Scotia Fish Packers Association. “That link has traditionally been considered a valuable one for the seafood industry and getting fresh fish to U.S. markets is extremely important to securing that market. It’s a slap in the face to Nova Scotia business.” Read the rest here 09:17

Lobster licensing fee fairer say’s seafood firm

The land-based side of the lobster industry in Nova Scotia has rejected the penny-per-pound concept in favour of a licensing fee. “We believe this is a fairer way to distribute the cost through our side of the industry,” Terry Zinck, with Xsealent Seafood Co. in Clark’s Harbour, said Friday. A penny-per-pound levy to promote marketing and sustainability efforts has received mixed reviews from lobster harvesters. It has been promoted by the Lobster Council of Canada. Read the rest here 09:38

N.S. group wants answers about lobster levy

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2The province’s fish packers association says it’s surprised by the new provincial government’s proposed levy on lobster. Marilyn Clark, executive director of the Nova Scotia Fish Packers Association, says she and others heard about it only when the minister announced the plan to collect five cents-a-pound. Read more here 09:06

Nova Scotia Fish Packers Association says the pre – election loan to Blue Wave Seafoods is questionable

The NDP is being criticized for a $500,000 loan made in a key riding on August 29 – several days before the election was called. Blue Wave Seafoods is getting the money to restructure its plant in Port Mouton. The plant is in a new riding – one that the NDP’s last fisheries minister hopes to represent. [email protected]  13:23