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Opponents seek to reverse decision on oyster farm approval

10029921_H16655799-600x450Even though state and federal agencies have approved plans to establish a 50-acre oyster aquaculture site in Goose Cove, area residents and officials are voicing strong objections to the project and are asking federal officials to revisit the issue. Mark Nadel, a seasonal resident who spends summers on Goose Cove, said the combination of attracting large birds to the area and planes coming and going is a recipe for a repeat of the so-called “Miracle on the Hudson,” ROFLMAO! Read the article here, and support oyster food production! 16:50

National Park Service seeks to ease tensions with Point Reyes farmers

stoogeFed in part by a vitriolic dispute between the federal government and a rancher who also runs an oyster farm, the ill will here directed at the park is the worst anyone can remember. “There is a level of intensity here that I’ve not seen before,” said park Supt. Cicely Muldoon, 48, a longtime resident of Marin County who this month launched a “truth and reconciliation” campaign to try to ease tensions. Read more here 14:49

Opinions plentiful as oyster farm hearing reconvenes in Surry, Me.

SURRY — A reopened hearing on a proposed aquaculture lease on Morgan Bay brought dozens of residents and fishermen and others out to comment on the application. Many who spoke against the project said property values, recreation and wildlife would be negatively affected by the lease. [email protected]