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NOAA and the fishermen: Across the great divide?

manatthewheelThe sampling remains microscopically thin, so only time will tell whether the compromise forged by the commercial fishing industry and NOAA Fisheries on the Gulf of Maine interim cod measures will stand as a template for the future. Even given that uncertainty of what lies beyond the horizon, the lack of rancor in modifying the emergency cod measures was a refreshing departure from the antagonistic tango federal regulators and the fishermen have danced in the past. Read the rest here 08:59

Peter Shelley (CLF) – Facing the Fishing Facts

kevinhearnFor every fisherman who was willing to publicly admit that things were getting worse out on the water, there always seemed to be an orchestrated group of fishermen willing to claim that there were so many cod that they couldn’t get away from them. It was, of course, nonsense at least as far as the best available science is concerned. And so much more, Read the rest here 17:33

I had to post this. – “Known is a drop. Unknown is an ocean.” Talking Fish

From the article: Is the science about Gulf of Maine cod wrong? Probably, if one is talking about any kind of precision. Population models are now being asked to look into biological territory that the people who build these models have never seen before. Peter thinks we need a little more we-ness, and less me-ness. I’m thoroughly entertained with that notion!  Read the rest here  16:59

That Peter Shelley. He’s got all the answers! – Why can’t the US be more like the Canadians?

You don’t usually hear much Canada envy from New England’s fishing industry. But last week, commercial fishermen Vito Giacalone, Richie Canastra, and Jimmy Odlin wrote to the Boston Globe to praise Canada’s haddock regulations, which they say have allowed Canadian fishermen to catch a far larger portion of their haddock quota—93 percent between 2004 and 2011, compared to United States fishermen’s 11 percent over the same period. These fishermen say United States haddock fishery regulations,, Read more here talkingfish 17:19

Todays Warped Opinion of CLF Hyperbole – Same Old, Same Old

It is always interesting but rarely informative to read the often whining editorial opinions that emanate from the nation’s richest fishing port, New Bedford. The recent column, “Don’t take NOAA for an answer” (New Bedford Standard Times, October 28, 2013), is no exception. [email protected] 14:40  From Dick Grachek: CLF and The Right to the Judicial System  For a guy that loves to sue NOAA/NMFS, its funny to watch him flip flop. Wait’ll Eco Based Management gets going. We’ll see some real flip flopping.

Opinion: Worst times, or just very, very bad? Industry splits hairs over the awful condition of cod

There remain some marginal voices in the fishing industry who continue to claim that cod populations are not in bad shape. Taking issue with a recent conclusion of mine that Atlantic cod were in their worst condition in history, these apologists for overfishingThe act of removing fish from a population faster than they can reproduce, which will thus deplete the population, or stock.  Note that both healthy and depleted (i.e., overfished) populations can be subjected to overfishing (see definition of overfished). suggest that cod are just “in the middle of a rebuilding period.” Nonsense [email protected]