‘Codfather’ arrest exposes empire’s potential impact on fisheries

AR-160229553.jpg&MaxW=315&MaxH=315An affidavit filed by IRS agents in support of the federal criminal case against New Bedford fishing fleet owner Carlos Rafael offered “a rare, candid look” inside the operation of the top groundfish fisherman in the region and the single largest fleet owner in the United States, according to Peter Shelley, senior counsel for the Conservation Law Foundation. But the 24-page narrative filed in U.S. District Court last Friday also exposed the shortcomings of fisheries enforcement, which seemed tantamount to an honor system, with gaps in oversight so big Rafael was allegedly able to navigate safely through them for 30 years, which, if true, may have had a profound effect on fish stocks and how their health is assessed. All the ENGO “big’s” are quoted! Peter Shelley fought for this. Read the rest here 12:39

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