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Proposed bill could put Connecticut fishermen out of business

A battle brewing in Washington could mean big changes for Connecticut fishermen. Those fishermen, and some environmental experts say that the proposal for changing who controls Block Island Sound could have dangerous effects. Block Island Sound is way out there, off the end of Long Island, but it is used by Connecticut fishermen all the time, and it’s used as a breeding ground for a very important kind of fish. Both could be hurt by changes proposed in Washington. Congressman Lee Zeldin from Long Island has introduced a bill that would change it so half would be controlled by New York and Half by Rhode Island. Video, read the rest here 09:07

Connecticut delegation wants state to have input on proposed fishing rules

The state’s congressional delegation has sent a letter to a congressional subcommittee requesting that be allowed to testify on a proposed bill that would transfer 150 square miles of federal fishing grounds to the control of Rhode Island and New York. The legislation would move the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in Long Island Sound to a new landward boundary between Montauk, N.Y., and Point Judith, R.I. New York Rep. Lee Zeldin introduced the bill which was aimed at striped bass management. The subcommittee is slated to hold a hearing on the bill Tuesday. Read the rest here 11:17