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HM Coastguard Rescues Four Fishermen from Capsized Vessel in English Channel

Four fisherman have been rescued after their fishing vessel capsized in the English Channel approximately 14 nautical miles south of Eastbourne, England on Thursday. The HM Coastguard successfully winched two of the fisherman from the overturned hull of the fishing vessel, while a nearby ship rescued two others from the water. >click to read<18:37

Coast Guard rescues 3, searching for missing boater 70 miles south west of Fort Myers Beach

The Coast Guard is searching for a 63-year-old man in the Gulf of Mexico after a fishing boat sank 70 miles south west of Fort Myers Beach. Searching for Dennis Grim, 63. Rescued were James Beeman, Anthony Bertolino, Darren Whalen. At 3:59 a.m. Sector St. Petersburg watchstanders received a distress call via VHF-FM marine band radio channel 16 from Beeman, the captain aboard the 37-foot commercial fishing boat, J.U.M.A., out of Seminole. Beeman reported the boat was taking on water and he needed emergency assistance. >click to read< 10:17

All 12 crew members of sunken longliner rescued

Three helicopters and three lifeboats were launched after a distress signal of the “Gure Uxua” from Cariño (A Coruña), was received on Feb 3, 2017, at 3:26 p.m. upon returning home from fishing grounds off France. An SAR operation startedoff the coast of Luarca extending to Navia. All seven Galician and five Portuguese crew members of the fishing vessel that sank in the afternoon off the northern coast of Spain have been rescued alive by 5.30 p.m. The “Gure Uxua” went down 50 miles off the coast of Navia in Asturias. The crew abandoned ship into a raft. Read the story here 12:53

Crabbing Boat Crew Rescued from Delaware Bay

overturned boat delaware bayThe three-man crew of a commercial crabbing boat was rescued Thursday afternoon by members of the Leipsic, Little Creek and Bowers fire companies, the US Coast Guard, DNREC officers and the Delaware State Police. The effort began at about 3:38 p.m. April 28 when the Kent County Emergency 911 Center received a call about the boat, which had not returned as scheduled. The boat last had been seen around noon off Port Mahon, said Little Creek Volunteer Fire Company Chief Michael Bundek. Weather conditions were poor, with four- to five-foot seas,, Read the rest here  and here 14:51

Coast Guard rescues three New London fishermen after their boat catches fire

www.uscgnews.comclients4007696238-6e6e91002741a867657c4b4efc68ce88e1bd7488Crew members from the U.S. Coast Guard Station New London rescued three New London fishermen from an area south of Fishers Island Sunday morning after their boat caught fire. The father of one of the three crewmembers of the Long Shot, a 50-foot liner stationed in New London, called the Coast Guard from shore about 6:45 a.m. Sunday to tell them the boat had caught fire on Cerberus Shoal, located about halfway between Fishers Island and Montauk. Read the rest here 17:59