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Simple fix for winch injuries not being used by seiners; Experts want to find out why

The most common gear on a seine boat is one of the most deadly – the rotating capstan winch used for winding ropes. Here’s a sampler “The deck winch is the most powerful thing on the boat. It’s the scariest piece of machinery that we work with.” “The corner of my raincoat caught under the capstan and started wrapping around. It snapped my head back and broke my neck.”,,, A simple E-Stop device has been available for over 10 years to prevent winch injuries. >click to read< 17:23

Fishing Industry sees workers compensation rates hit 20-year low thanks to safety campaigns

Stuart MacLean says it was a particularly dark event that helped spark a culture change when it comes to safety in the fishing industry: the sinking of the Miss Ally. Five young men from southwest Nova Scotia were lost at sea when their fishing boat was hammered by a raging storm in 2013. The incident gripped fishing villages everywhere, and MacLean, CEO of the Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia, believes it had a dramatic effect on the way fishermen approach safety today. “What’s happened in that sector is people have moved from knowing about it to caring about it,” he said. “And I think what people said is, ‘It’s not OK to keep losing people at sea.'” click here to read the story 18:12

Fishermen in Orkney launch appeal for safety equipment

5072939Fishermen in Orkney have started a crowdfunding appeal to raise money towards state-of- the- art radio rescue equipment, which could mean the difference between life and death at sea. The money raised through the online fundraiser JustGiving will support an application from the Orkney Fisheries Association to the European Maritime Fisheries Fund (EMFF). No public funds are normally made available for safety gear for fishermen despite the high fatalities in the industry. The association explains “Our fishermen are dads, boyfriends, husbands, pals, sons and brothers. We want to make sure that they have the same chance to come home safe from work as everyone else. However their work can be more dangerous than everyone else’s and sadly every year some are lost at sea.” Read the rest here 16:23

New fishery safety standards to affect about 20,000 Canadian boats

A cool head, safety training and a decision to keep survival suits handy kept Martin d’Entremont and his crew alive when things went terribly wrong on board the Poseidon Princess, 102 kilometres off southwest Nova Scotia in the early morning hours of Jan.31, 2015. “I never dreamed she would go so fast,” says d’Entremont, 57, a veteran skipper from West Pubnico, N.S. The exact cause of the sinking remains unknown. What is clear is that safety procedures on board the Poseidon Princess saved lives as the boat slid under the waves, its lights winking out and engines shutting off in the darkness. Read the story here 08:19

Pacific Danger and Dungeness

While the opening of the fishery is an exciting period for crab fishermen, it’s also a time to hone in on safety. Commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs in America, and Dungeness crab fishing is one of the most deadly of all west coast commercial fisheries. [email protected]  08:51