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Save the Gulf of Maine –The Maine Reset, Ep6: Small Fish in a Big Sea

Sedgwick, ME Lobsterman Brian Tripp shares his story, what he loves about lobstering & what he is most concerned about for the future. MLA’s Patrice McCarron talks about the legal fight to protect Maine’s fishing heritage. >click to watch the video< – This Vimeo video, Like Skyrocketing Electric Bills? Then You’ll LOVE Offshore Wind! is Ep: 5, which wasn’t allowed on You Tube, >Click to watch<. It’s a rigged game, and we are the pawns. To see all the videos in this series, >click here< 10:52

Save the Gulf of Maine – The Maine Reset, Ep. 4: Never Forgotten

Derek Colbeth grew up lobstering, and then served for 5 years in the US Marine Corps. Now he’s a civilian again, but his heritage and livelihood is under attack on all fronts. Powerful interests are converging in a war against Maine Lobstermen. If Lobstermen lose this fight, Maine will never be the same. >Video, click to watch< 14:35

Save the Gulf of Maine – The Maine Reset, Ep.3: This is an Experiment

In this episode, interviews with two brilliant people that you won’t want to miss regarding offshore wind development in Maine. Carla Guenther PhD brings an oceanography perspective, and Long Island Commercial Fisherman Steve Train lays out some practical wisdom as only a fisherman can. Sandwiched in there are some of my own antics lampooning the empty suits from corporations who want to confiscate our ocean., >Video, click to watch< 13:15 ocean industrialization

Save the Gulf of Maine – The Maine Reset Part 2, Fait Accompli?

First, we look at a basic chronology of the interplay between the State of Maine, the University of Maine, and private entities RWE Renewables and Diamond Offshore Wind (subsidiary of Mitsubishi) as they have joined forces in a venture of enormous importance. They partnered on a prototype of future wind turbines (Aqua Ventus I). Then they began working on an array of a dozen turbines. How many more turbines will follow? The wind developers have been clear that the first array is only the beginning of industrializing the Gulf of Maine. Then, we look in detail at some of the likely environmental impacts of industrial floating wind on marine life. It’s not a pretty picture. Yet, many large entities whose missions include protecting the environment have given ocean industrialization their blessing. Will they change their minds when they learn the full scope of impact?  Video, Click to watch<, Watch the first episode, Road to Disaster – Voices of Maine Lobstermen >click to watch< 11:01

Video: Road to Disaster – Voices of Maine Lobstermen

In the first installment of this series, we get a bird’s-eye view of the current status of Maine’s lobster fishery, which is under assault on two fronts. In this episode, we only hear from lobstermen and their advocates. (If you want to hear more of the opposing views of wind lobbyists, just read any given corporate media outlet’s coverage of this subject.) Upcoming episodes will bring in additional perspectives…there are a total of 20 different interviews that I conducted in 2021, so you will not want to miss these. Video by Jason Joyce >click to watch< 17:07

Video: Save the Gulf of Maine – The Maine Reset

Upcoming documentary scrutinizes plans to industrialize the Gulf of Maine and highlights the perspectives of the Mainers most affected. At the foreground of the conversation are Maine lobstermen. In later episodes, scientists and ecologists also weigh in. The result is a thought-provoking primer on an issue that could result in the fundamental transformation of the State of Maine. >click to watch<, 17:36 It’s only the beginning! You can support this project at www.igg.me/at/ProtectMaineWaters – Please, also watch the first video installment of >Road to Disaster – Voices of Maine Lobstermen, click here<