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Fishing for facts on the Southern flounder in NC

flounder-southernSome claim that a 40 percent Southern flounder harvest reduction is needed to avoid a collapse of the stock, but there is no science to support that. Perhaps most disturbing is that the Marine Fisheries Commission has yet to receive any recommendations on the options from the Division of Marine Fisheries, professional experts who are supposed to guide the MFC on scientific and economic/social facts. Read the article here 07:46

Fishermen Knowledge in Policy and Science: It’s just a net waste to ignore fishermen

yGrown-up policy-making requires significant input from those closest to the issue at hand. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it?. But you would be surprised at how often key stakeholders, to use the bureaucrats’ beloved terminology, are kept out of the loop, especially by the European Commission (and NOAA) . When it comes to my own industry, the politicians, officials and green lobbyists who have largely dictated fisheries policy over the past decade still view us (I’m borrowing this metaphor from our farming friends) as the fox in the hen house, that is, untrustworthy. Read the rest here 13:40


Fishing; More Protection for Big Ones

Many popular measures to combat overfishing help conserve mostly small juvenile fish. The results from a set of international studies may now revolutionize fishing regulations. Read [email protected]  12:28

Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Subcommittee Hearing: Fishing industry angling for lower catch limits in Atlantic and Gulf

WASHINGTON — Recreational and commercial fishing interests are pressing Congress to relax catch limits in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic, citing increases in fish populations over the past decade. [email protected] 09:23

Geo Engineering – Science, or Quackery?!! – To Fix Climate Change, Scientists Turn To Hacking The Earth – 11 minute audio

radio-microphoneSome very mainstream scientists are saying the climate change situation is so bad that saving life as we know it might require something radical: like shooting chemicals into the stratosphere to protect Earth from the sun. In essence, these scientists are talking about hacking the climate. [email protected]  21:55

Fed panel backs $150M in fishing aid – U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee also OKs research mandates for NOAA

gdt iconThe U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee has included $150 million for fisheries disasters in its fiscal 2014 budget proposal for the Department of Commerce, Justice, Science and related agencies.And the budget measure includes a number of other directives aimed at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, including a proposed requirement that NOAA charter private and commercial fishing boats to carry out cooperative research with an eye toward addressing a long standing gulf between NOAA and the industry regarding credible fisheries science. [email protected]

‘India has science, business interests in the Arctic’

Besides scientific interests, India also has business interests related to mineral resources, fisheries and shorter sea routes in the planet’s far north, Nayak said. “Once the Arctic is free from ice, fisheries will naturally emerge as a major resource. We will have other things like it could open up for shipping. So we also need to understand how situation would change from ice to ocean and its impact,” he said. continued   whoo boy!