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A fisherman’s doubt, and his love of the sea

scituatefish7He is up before the dawn, and, a creature of steady habits, he heads for the seashore. It’s dark when Frank Mirarchi jumps into his black pickup truck, and dark still when he reaches Scituate Harbor. He parks on the town pier and stares at the ocean. But his 55-foot stern dragger is no longer moored there. Actually, the boat is there. But it’s no longer his. It was renamed last June after he sold it — a poignant punctuation point to Mirarchi’s half-century career as a commercial fisherman. Read the rest here 15:01

FISHY BUSINESS: Support your neighborhood fisherman – It’s So Sexy!

Last month this column bemoaned the economic challenges of the local fishing fleet and examined why we are seeing fewer and fewer commercial fishing boats in Scituate Harbor. To recap, the basic problem is that over regulation has reduced the ability of fishing businesses to harvest a reasonable amount of fish and sell it for a price that is profitable. Further, the infrastructure that supports fishing is more focused on processing foreign fish instead of the local supply. The good news for both fishermen and consumers alike is there is an alternative to the “old economy” of fishing through Scituate’s own community supported fishery, South Shore Seafood Exchange, Inc. (SOSSEXI). That’s right, it is pronounced, “So Sexy.” Read the rest here 17:31