New Zealand: Fishing industry boasts of lowest carbon emissions – with caveats

“In 25 years at sea, I’ve seen quite a lot of changes,” Epiha says. “For example, they’re not shy at upgrading boats. Now we’re starting to see results from our fuel usage, fuel savings, reduced carbon footprint.” The 64-metre San Discovery, which he captains, is a deep-sea trawler that can produce fillets, headed and gutted fish, squid tubes, fishmeal and fish oil – all processed, packaged and labelled to export standards. “What I can hand-on-heart say is, we do care a lot about the environment,” he says. “It’s engrained in the way we operate, adjusting gear to make sure that it’s less drag on the bottom, easier to tow, because all that adds up to less fuel usage.” >click to read< 07:49

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